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Off Site Alcohol Catering

How it is done: Clients choose between Hosted (where the entire bill is picked up), No-Host (where the guests pay for their drink) or Combination (client pays for part: table wine and/or a select amount of case/keg beer and/or select amount of spirits) and Guests pay for other quality offerings we supply not paid for by the host. Deposit and 50% of the estimated total fee reserves your date and takes that calendar date off of the market. This ensures and guarantees our beverage catering service for your event. For hosted bars, estimated total fee is based on our previous experience and the number of your guests. Unless consumption is capped the final cost cannot be accurately defined until the event is over. The minimum fee and upfront deposit of $500.00 is non-Refundable with balance of consumed beverages to be paid at culmination of event. 

Minimum Fee and Deposit: For off site catering events the Smokejumper Station charges a minimum fee and deposit of $500. This deposit is applied to alcohol purchases for your event. If your event is a CASH bar, and the total bill exceeds $500 this fee may be refunded if all conditions are met. We carry a $2M liquor/alcohol liability insurance off site catering license. 

Staff costs: Dependant on the type of event and service desired, serving staff may be a single bartender without an assistant in “step-to-the-bar” parties or be 2 or more bartenders with multiples service staff to serve larger parties at the tables directly or events with multiple bars. For each staff member the charge $15 per hour with a 4 hour minimum. 

Glassware: Normally, disposable containers will gladly be provided for beverage use; however, some events require the use of quality glassware which is available for your rental. Please inquire about glassware rental and associated cost if you require glassware for your event. 

Spirits: While the packages listed below can be used to keep a very complicated event as simple and worry-free as possible, be assured that all packages are subject to custom design. To eliminate decision-making for no-host service, our suggestion is to allow us to bring 2-3 selections from each category and each package. For Hosted service, our suggestion is to let us bring ONE selection from each category from the package of your choice (eliminates opened bottle with one or two drinks dispensed that the client now has to pay for). Favored brands can be substituted or added either at each level of pricing or inserted into another level retaining the original price of the requested brand; feel free to mix and match to totally customize your beverage offerings. We free-pour 1.5 oz. per cocktail.

Sample Packages

Bronze/Well Edition

Sample Selection

$5.00 per shot no-host | $50.00 per bottle hosted 

Whisky/Bourbon: Seagrams 7, Jim Beam, Evan Williams, Jack Daniels Canadian: Black Velvet 8yr Reserve, Canadian Club 10yr Reserve Scotch: Dewars Gin: Gordon’s, Bombay, Beefeater Vodka: Absolut, Gordon’s, Stolichnaya Rum: Bacardi, Malibu Coconut Rum, Captain Morgan Tequila: Espolon, Cuervo Gold

Silver/Call Edition

Sample Selection

$6.00 per shot no-host | $75.00 per bottle hosted 

Whiskey/Bourbon: Buffalo Trace, Bulliet, Bulleit Rye, Makers Mark, Gentleman Jack Canadian: Crown Royal, Pendleton, Willie’s MT
Scotch: Johnny Walker Red, Chivas Regal, Dalmore 12yr Gin: Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire Vodka: Tito's, Van Gogh Vodka, 44 North
Rum: Pyrat Planters XO, Flor de Cana Grand RSV, Cruzan Estate Tequila: Sauza Hornitos Plata, 1800 Reposado,

Gold/Top Shelf Edition Package

Sample Selection

$8.00 per shot no-host | $100.00 per bottle hosted 

Bourbon: Knob Creek 9yr, Woodford Reserve
Canadian: Crown Royal Black Label, Crown Royal Reserve,
Scotch: Johnny Walker Black, Buchanan’s 12 yr, Glenlivet 12yr Single Malt, Glenfiddich 12yr Single Malt
Gin: Hendricks, Citadelle, Tequila: Cazadores Añejo,
Vodka: Chopin, Grey Goose, Belvedere 

Please give consideration to specialty drinks such as martinis, margaritas, mules, white russians, etc. and any cordial or “after dinner” drinks (such as cognacs) you would like available. We will offer a drink menu at your request.


We work with all the major distributors and can should be able to get any beer you're looking for as long as it is distributed in the Helena/Lewis & Clark County.

No-Host (Cash Bar) Bottles: $3 domestic, $4 micro, imports, $5 local ciders (Alcohol-free beer needs to be requested)

Hosted Cases: Around $60 per case domestic and around $80 per case for micro,imports. Prices vary based on products and case size. Custom estimates will be provided.

Keg beer: Around $190.00 domestic and $225 to $250 for micros, craft, and imports.


Since the multitude of nuances is what makes wine so extraordinary, we like to meet with clients to work one on one with tastings and selections. We do have some fantastic selections which start from $15 per bottle and are perfect for most weddings without breaking the bank. 

However, some clients have a wine selected from their favorite vineyard. If the event site allows the client to supply the wine, we will cork, pour and supply glassware for $8 per bottle. Ask us for regional wine selections! Northwest, California, Italian, French…please let us know!

To reserve your date and pay the deposit, please contact us at or call 406-417-1965, Extension 3 for the catering department.

Thank you,
The Smokejumper Team